Welsh Ponies

Our first ridden show of the season

Our first ridden show of the season was Mid Wales BSPS, it was great to see in the Novice Small Breeds that the first three ponies we had bred. First was Cadlanvalley Valegro ridden by Libby, second was Cadlanvalley Sirocco ridden by Sarah Russell and third was Cadlanvalley Rio Grande ridden by Liane Evans.We were pleased that Valegro went on to be Novice Champion.

It was Libbys first ride on Cadlanvalley Buzby as she has not been old enough to ride a stallion until this year.We have waited a long time to see her ride him in the ring,and they were two stars together.Buzby was Open Champion and then finished Supreme of show.

Cadlanvalley Valegro Novice Champion

First 3 Novice Small Breeds Cadlanvalley Valegro, Sirocco and Rio Grande

Champion Open M&M and Supreme of Show Cadlanvalley Buzby